The Importance of an ADA-Compliant Website

If you’re running a business today, having a website for your company is absolutely essential. Regardless of your industry or sector, having a well-designed online presence is one of the best ways to extend your reach and to increase your customer base. However, even though websites are a necessity these days, they aren’t as easy to set up as you might think. In fact, they raise a number of ways in which you and your business can fall foul of regulations. For example, have you heard of ADA Title III compliance? If not, it’s time to find out more about the importance of having an ADA-Compliant website now and to learn how you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself so that you can avoid a potential lawsuit.

ADA-Compliant Website. What Is ADA Title III Compliance?

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ADA Title III compliance is a law that demands that websites are made accessible to everyone, including those with all kinds of disabilities. If your site cannot be used as intended by those with problems such as visual or hearing impairments, it will fall foul of the compliance regulations and could end up with you being taken to court by disgruntled would-be customers.

ADA-Compliant Website. Is It Really Worth Making My Website ADA Title III Compliant?

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If you thought that it would be unlikely for anyone to sue your business because they cannot fully access or use your website, you would be wrong. In fact, there was a high-profile case recently in which a blind man took giant fast-food pizza chain Domino’s to court because he could not access their website to order food, despite having screen reading technology in place. The court found in the man’s favor against the big-name company, stating that if the Domino’s app and website are inaccessible to those with disabilities, they are effectively closing off a place of public accommodation and shutting disabled people out of this portion of the economy.

ADA-Compliant Website. Making Your Site Compliant

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It’s clear then that your website must be ADA Title III compliant, not only because you would no doubt prefer to avoid a lawsuit that could prove very costly for your business but also because without compliance you are preventing potential customers from accessing your site and making a purchase or using your services. It may not be easy to ensure that your online presence is fully compliant, but luckily we’re on hand to help you out. We have been making sites ADA compliant and fully accessible to everyone for many years, so whether it’s the small features such as alt text or making your site navigable with a keyboard, we’re here to help design a fully-functioning, highly accessible site that can be used by everyone.

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