Here Are The 10 Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

From its humble origins as a simple blog, WordPress has emerged to become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. With millions of websites, thousands of design templates and the largest developer community on the web, WordPress has a plugin for just about anything your website will ever need. This makes it a great platform if you are looking to create an eCommerce store and perhaps have certain budgetary and time constraints. Using the right plugins, your website developer can help you build a world-class eCommerce website that is both cost-effective and user friendly. Here is our list for the Top 10 eCommerce Plugins For WordPress.

Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #1.

ecommerce plugins for wordpress

If popularity means quality in your mind, WooCommerce is your choice to create an eCommerce store on WordPress. WooCommerce is the top eCommerce plugin on WordPress, and it is supported by many of the most popular themes so there is little risk for crashing your website. With WooCommerce, you get the added benefit of having an extensive developer support community.

WooCommerce offers a robust suite of features, including product management, inventory management, order management, customer management, coupon management, multiple shipping options and analytics. WooCommerce also works with other plugins, such as HubSpot, that allows you to integrate their CRM and marketing automation toolkit.

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Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #2.
WP Shopify

ecommerce plugins for wordpress

Shopify is a hugely popular eCommerce platform that is also available as a WordPress plugin. With more robust features and capabilities than WooCommerce, Shopify is a great option for serious online stores that want to integrate the power of Shopify with the WordPress CMS.

WP Shopify does most of the heavy lifting for you and offers more than 100 customizable storefront templates to choose from.

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Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #3.
SendPulse Web Push

ecommerce plugins for wordpress

SendPulse Web Push is an eCommerce Plugin for WordPress that allows you to add push notifications to your website without having to pay fees. SendPulse Web Push allows you to send notifications through all the popular browsers on any website. A user does not even have to be online to still receive messages regarding news, sales, order status and events as once they return online they will get your messages.

SendPulse Web Push allows you to personalize and segment messages to different target audiences, including language, region, etc. The plugin also does A/B testing to help you determine which campaigns are working for your target audience.

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Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #4.
Easy Digital Downloads

ecommerce plugins for wordpress

Easy Digital Downloads is a popular eCommerce plugin if you plan to sell digital products, such as e-books and virtual courses. Easy Digital Downloads offers powerful functionality right out of the box, including a full-suite shopping cart, discount codes, multiple payment gateways, customer account page including payment histories and full data reporting.

Easy Digital Downloads offers all the core features you need to run a successful eCommerce business.

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Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #5.
Cart66 Cloud

cart66 cloud

Cart66 Cloud is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress that is designed for people, not just developers. Cart66 Cloud is ideal for stores that sell less than 100 products because you have complete control over the design and layout of your store. Cart66 works with virtually all WordPress themes.

With Cart66 Cloud, you can place your products on any page or blog post, manage currency, and even set up and manage an affiliate program.

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Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #6.
WP eCommerce

wp ecommerce

WP eCommerce is the original eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WP eCommerce allows you to create an eCommerce website that sells physical products, digital products, services and memberships.

WP eCommerce provides great customization to anyone with basic development skills. You can add HTML and CSS to customize the plugin based on your specific needs. WP eCommerce provides a powerful toolbox to manage your orders, catalogs and customers.

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Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress #7.
Ecwid Shopping Cart


Ecwid Shopping Cart allows you to start selling online in 5 minutes for free. Ecwid Shopping Cart  is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress that provides a powerful and super-easy shopping cart solution for smaller stores that may wish to sell their products globally. Ecwid Shopping Cart offers over 40 international payment options , real-time shipping and supports 45 languages.

Ecwid Shopping Cart synchs across a website, with marketplaces such as Amazon and all your social media pages.

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eCommerce Plugin #8.
Product Countdown

product countdown

Product Countdown is a WordPress plugin that creates a product countdown option for online stores using WooCommerce. Offering products on sale for a limited time is a great way to motivate shoppers to make the purchase. Product Countdown allows great customization that allows you to tailer the counter to fit your website and attract more customers.

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eCommerce Plugin #9.
WP EasyCart

wp easycart

WP EasyCart is another free and easy-to-use eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites. Taking only minutes to install, WP EasyCart offers a complete eCommerce store and shopping cart. With WP EasyCart, you can sell physical or digital products (including downloads) and offer gift cards.

If you are looking for the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to add a shopping cart function to your WordPress website you can’t really go wrong with WP EasyCart. Also, the plugin is compatible with most popular WordPress themes.

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eCommerce Plugin #10.
Cart Recovery

cart recovery

Cart Recovery for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to track abandoned shopping carts and send follow up emails to the reticent shopper, keeping you fresh on their minds. Cart Recovery for WordPress even allows you to generate a unique discount code to a specific visitor as an incentive for them to complete the purchase.

Cart Recovery for WordPress allows you to track abandoned carts, view stats in your WordPress dashboard and configure automatic recovery emails.

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shopping cart

As trends continue to emerge and mature, we will see that the eCommerce industry is a marketplace for innovation and online growth.

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