HTML6 is the forthcoming markup language for content designed to be displayed in a web browser. What does it mean for you and your business?

HTML6 is an update of the html standard, currently in development. It has many features that make web development more efficient and simpler. Some of the benefits of using HTML6 are:

1. Easier versioning.

With versioning built into the standard, it is much easier to keep track of which versions of a document are compatible with each other.

2. New elements.

HTML6 introduces a number of new elements, such as the video and audio tags, which make it easier to create rich and interactive web pages.

3. Reduced file size.

The removal of several potentially superfluous tags from the standard results in files that are smaller and require less bandwidth to load.

4. Better accessibility.

HTML6 makes it easier for people with disabilities to use webpages. For example, the new marking up of elements makes it possible to create pages that are accessible to blind users.

5. More consistent handling.

HTML6 is more consistent in the way that it handles different types of content, such as graphics and text. This makes it easier to create templates and to create websites that look more uniform.

HTML6 is still in development, so there are likely to be further improvements made to it over the coming years. If you are planning to start writing new web pages, it is worth investing in a version of HTML6 that supports the latest features.

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