Object Rocket

ObjectRocket Web Design

D E E P B L U E was tasked to completely overhaul the ObjectRocket web design & development.

The new website was hand-crafted from the ground up. This included a fully custom design and built on a responsive framework to ensure an optimal mobile experience. The new web design incorporated new brand design assets created by the D E E P B L U E design team.

Managed MongoDB®

Speedy, secure, and highly available instances for any size workload wherever your data lives.
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Managed Redis®

Highly available, scalable, and performant hosted Redis instances in the cloud.
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Managed Elasticsearch®

Super fast full text search and easy-to-use data visualization that can scale to TBs and beyond.
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Database Migration

We make it easy to migrate to the ObjectRocket platform by working with you one-on-one.
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ObjectRocket was built on the WordPress CMS.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that runs more websites than any other CMS platform on the planet. WordPress is powerful, intuitive, scalable and has the world’s largest developer community. And best of all, it’s free!

ObjectRocket was certified ADA & W3C-compliant.

The new website was designed from the ground up to adhere to industry best practices, including W3C for usability, cross-browser compatibility and mobile device compatibility, as well as ADA-compliance for those with disabilities.


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