Web3 Web design is coming. The time to embrace its philosophy is now.

There are plenty of tips for web3 web design that can be easily gleaned from reading articles and browsing through resources. However, these tips might not be specific to working with web3. Therefore, it is worth compiling a few key points that will help you avoid common mistakes, while still adhering to best practices.

1. Use boldface text for key points and widgets

For a more impactful and attention-grabbing design, placing boldface text in a widget or article can be helpful. Not only will this help you stand out, but it can also relay important or important messages more effectively.

2. Avoid excessive decoration

A web3 design should be simple and uncluttered, with focus on the content. Overly decorated designs can be overwhelming or difficult to navigate.

3. Use white space

Spacing out content with white space can help improve flow and readability. Not only will this make your content look cleaner, but it can also improve the overall user experience.

4. Avoid excessive use of layering

Layering elements can be a nice way to add functionality and depth to a design, but it can also be overwhelming. Try to keep your designs as simplistic as possible in order to simplify the user experience.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

While following a few key principles will help you create a design that is both effective and pleasing to the eye, there is always room for experimentation. If you’re unsure of how to execute a design idea, try using different methods or ideas to see what works best.

Having a solid web3 web design can be a critical component of your business. By following these tips, you can create a design that reflects your brand and is easy to use.

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