Why Your Website Needs a UX Website Design Narrative

When you first consider designing a website and handing your ideas over to a website designer, the first thing you are likely to do is think about the website’s architecture. The order of the pages, categories, and layout are a top priority because aesthetics matter when it comes to UX website design.

How you do this can be significant to the success of your online presence. Learn how to do it right be learning about website narratives.

UX Website Design. What Does Website Narrative Mean?

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Website narrative refers to the aesthetics of a website but also its functionality. It is what the website visitor experiences when they land on your website and how they navigate their way through the website.

When people design their own websites, they opt for website templates and customize the template to their preferences. The problem with this is that no matter how much customization that you try, the website narrative remains rather the same.

In a nutshell, website narrative is storytelling. Here are some examples of websites that do a great job of narrative storytelling.

UX Website Design. Different Businesses Using the Same Narrative

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Using templates when making a website yourself or if your website designer is using templates, there is a good chance that your website will look, feel and offer the same experiences as another website. No matter what industry your business is in, the template becomes one in a sequence that users have seen before.

There is, of course, some advantage to this as it enables website visitors to understand the website easily and know how to navigate it quickly. However, you can do more to help conversion rates by creating a website with a unique narrative.

Design. How a Unique Narrative Helps You Convert More

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Most markets are saturated and consumers have a lot of options today. This has meant standing out to your consumers is more difficult and especially when most businesses now have a website.

Having a unique website can help you highlight your innovation as a business and go some way to showing your attention to detail. These are all things that can go some way to helping you engage an audience and convert, but it is not the biggest opportunity that a unique website narrative can bring.

Bespoke narratives offer you the chance to tell your business story. For example, choosing a long from homepage design you could explain how your company grew, milestones and achievements. All of these things will help you stand out and portray information in a more interesting way.

Get Help from Professional Website Designers

Stuck trying to come up with a website narrative that makes your business unique? Don’t worry. D E E P B L U E is more than web designers that make your ideas come to life. We also work together with clients offering no-obligation ideas and samples to help brainstorm a website narrative that works specifically for you.

We take pride in going the extra mile. Let’s start the journey soon with a free consultation with one of our expert web designers.


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