Great White Shark Leads Scientists Around The Clock

The Save Our Seas Foundation White Shark Conservation Project, together with Shark Spotters, tagged a 9-foot female great white shark  and tracked her for 24 hours straight in False Bay. This was the first successful overnight continuous track of a white shark in False Bay, South Africa.

We are eternally grateful to Save Our Seas for honoring us by naming the shark Deepblue in thanks for our support in the White Shark Conservation Project initiative.

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About The Save Our Seas Foundation White Shark Project

The Save Our Seas Foundation White Shark Project was initiated in 2003 and is a dedicated research program focusing on the ecology and behavior of white sharks in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. It is collaboration between the Save Our Seas Shark Center, University of Cape Town, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Marine and Coastal Management Branch and Shark Spotters.

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