Non-Profit Website Design Guide For Your Organization

If you’re running a non-profit, you need to have a quality website. These days, having an online presence is more important than ever to raise awareness of your brand and to reach as wide an audience as possible. However, there are some differences between a regular website and the kind of website that works best for a non-profit organization. So, what do those differences look like? And how can you make sure that your website is right for your company? Here is our first in a series of articles called Non-Profit Website Design Guide.

Non-Profit Website Design Guide #1.

Telling A Story

non profit storytelling

Although telling a brand story is becoming a widespread marketing technique amongst all kinds of businesses, it is especially important for any non-profit company. Your website needs to convincingly and persuasively tell the story of your organization and layout its goals in a very clear way. After all, people like to participate for a good cause, however, if your story isn’t fully outlined, you won’t be able to maximize your reach or get as much support for your cause.

Guide #2.

Ensuring Smooth Function

ensuring smooth function

It isn’t enough to simply tell the story of your non-profit organization. Your website needs to function smoothly and seamlessly too, otherwise, you’ll never be able to accomplish your goals. If you follow the cookie-cutter approach to creating a website, you won’t get the best results, whatever your mission. Whether you’re trying to bring in donations, spread awareness or spark a conversation, without a unique and effective design, you’ll struggle to achieve your business goals and to stand out from the countless other similar non-profit organizations out there competing with you in the online arena.

Guide #3.

What Does The Perfect Non-Profit Website Look Like?

non profit website

There’s no single perfect non-profit website, but there are a few common features that should definitely be in place. The optimal site for any non-profit company should be simple and intuitive to navigate with a proper UX flow. It should also clearly tell the story of your organization – why it’s so important, what you’re trying to help with or the issue that you’re working on solving – so that those who visit your site are left in no doubt as to your mission and goals. It should also function effectively so that you can get maximum value from the amount you’ve spent on the website’s creation.

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