Better awareness, active education and greater resources needed to persuade girls into Web3 careers.

Web3 needs women. And that’s not a “women are needed” statement, or an “if there were more women in the crypto space, that would be great” sentiment. It’s not up for debate.

Behind every successful technology movement is an unrivalled level of collaboration and innovation. This is never more evident than in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Web3-based technologies need to be guided and steered by the right minds in order to take off, and that can only come from a gender-balanced team.

Most notably, blockchain technology is crossing into mainstream consciousness at an incredible rate. It is being used by some of the biggest names in business and politics. Yet, when we look at the teams behind the scenes, the majority of them are still predominately male.

The statistic above is not an anomaly. It reflects a wider issue – one that requires action.

Web3 needs women because they bring an entirely new perspective to the table. They have an innate understanding of human emotion, which is essential for building better user interfaces and building trust with the general public.

Moreover, Web3 needs women because not only are women good at problem solving, they are also better at multitasking and networking. This combinationability – what we might call ‘the female advantage’ – means that they are more likely to be able to work well together in a collaborative environment.

Lastly, in a world where inequality is still rampant, Web3 needs women because having more women in positions of power is essential. They can help create an inclusive and fairer ecosystem, which will encourage more people to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

So, Ladies, let’s get involved! We can make a real difference. Web3 needs women!

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