Responsive Websites Aren’t Just a Nice Feature

When making a website there is a lot to consider. Even if you are not the one physically making it, you still need to understand some of the terms and provide details to your website designer. One of the terms that every business owner considering a new website needs to know is ‘responsive websites’.

So, what are responsive websites? Why are they crucial and how do you make one? These are the key questions we will be answering below. Read on and don’t make a fundamental website mistake.

What Is a Responsive Website?

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The concept of a responsive website is simple. A responsive website will adapt to the screen size and capabilities of different devices. For example, if you load a website on the web browser of a PC and a tab on an iPad or smartphone, the website will look just as sleek and users will be able to navigate the website seamlessly on any device.

The opposite of a responsive website is when a website doesn’t fit the screen of a device or has slow loading times because the website was made for devices with more powerful capabilities – and thus becomes unresponsive.

Why Is a Responsive Website Crucial?

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Responsive websites are crucial due to the exponential trend in how we as a society make internet searches. Gone are the days when we would only sit at desks to search the web. Nowadays, almost everyone’s jeans – or hands – are equipped with a smartphone, making internet searches convenient.

In fact, around 67% of all internet searches made today are done with a handheld device other than a desktop computer or laptop. This means your website needs to be responsive to cater to your intended market. If your website isn’t loading properly while they browse products on their lunch break, your competitors may be ready to swoop in.

Challenges with Designing a Responsive Website

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Some startup businesses, freelancers and companies with a small budget will choose to hire inexperienced web designers or opt for an off-the-shelf template that can be tailored with some DIY web design skills. These people are not always the best at making sure you own a responsive website.

For guaranteed results and zero chance of letting consumers slip through the net, it is best to outsource website design to an experienced team of design experts. These people will be able to apply the right techniques to ensure that your website reshapes itself to any device effectively, so you can maintain engagement with your leads.

Who Can You Trust to Get It Right?

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